WORLD'S FIRST EVER INNOVATED 'NAHNO' Cube Root Formula For Arithmetic Numbers :

A Gift from India to All Mathematicians of World During 'National Mathmatical Year -2012'

(No Iteration—No Approximation —No Repetition of Steps is involved)

All existing methods of finding Cube Roots of Arithmetic Numbers will Now be Totally Obsolete, because of First Ever Innovated Nahar's 'NAHNO' Formulae.

This 'NAHNO' Formulae [Innovated and Developed by an Engineer N.S. Nahar, Agra (UP.)- India] provides quick, simple and direct method for evaluation of Cube Root of all positive and negative arithmetic numbers including decimal and fractional numbers whether the numbers are perfect cubes or not.

The 'NAHNO' formulae are universally applicable and have an Edge over all other existing methods in respect of highest degree of Accuracy and substantial Saving of Time.

The formulae have been tested for more than 20,000 problems with 100% success.

The word 'NAHNO' derives its name from two words. 'NAH' represents the author NAHAR and 'NO' represents all Arithmetic Numbers (NOs).




Some of the typical results alongwith % error are reproduced below for perusal.

Given No Cube Root   % Error
(N)        100 (N—Ni)/N
29726 30.9774376 0.00 00 00 235
9296 21.02642171 0.00 00 00 86
3 1.442249586 0.00 00 01
61 3.936497184   NIL
476 7.807925323  NIL
779 9.201228571 0.00 00 000 38
–444 –7.628883622 0.00 00 00018

 Besides above, the author has innovated and developed Statistical and Direct Division methods for evaluating Square Roots of Algebraic Expressions in which no factorization or iteration is involved. Consult 'Treatise on Square Roots and Cube Roots' by N.S. Nahar, Agra (U.P.) India,for detailed Theory and Principles involved and Derivation of actual NAHNO formula along with its applications.


N. S. Nahar Ex-Asstt.Works Manager
Dated : 28-3-2011 62- New Raja Mandi Colony ,
AGRA-282002 (INDIA) 0562-2520350